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Everyday Listening collects inspiring and remarkable sound art and creative sound design projects, installations, reviews of urban soundscapes, places, contemporary or experimental, mostly electronic music. The term Everyday Listening is used to describe the way we use sound to find our way in our everyday life. There’s an article by Buxton, Gaver & Bly giving a very clear description of this phenomenon:

Everyday listening is a matter of listening to the attributes of events in the world - the speed of a passing automobile, the force of a slammed door, whether a person is walking up or downstairs.

Hugo Verweij founded Everyday Listening in 2009 and currently works as a sound designer for Apple in California. Previously he designed sound in various contexts: Installations, apps, interfaces, radio, motion graphics, contemporary dance. He has almost a decade of experience in education as a lecturer on sound design, music production and related subjects at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. His work focuses on the synergy between what’s audible, visible and tactile. 

Mark IJzerman is a sound artist and composer with a great interest in interactive and procedural sound.

He divides his time between creating music or sound for various media and installations, as well as teaching at some of the leading media art faculties in the Netherlands. His works carry a strong organic quality that is audible in all of his creations.
is his online portfolio. 

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