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Oscillare; An Interactive Dawn

Almost a year ago I posted a work-in-progress video of Oscillare as it was presented at last years Sonar festival. Oscar Sol from Electronic Performers, the creators of this project was so kind to send me an update about the completion of the project and as we can see in the video, it has become an impressive piece of work. 

Oscillare; An Interactive Dawn is an interactive multimedia dance performance. Four accelerometers, a gyroscope and a wireless video camera capture the movements of the dancer, which are used to generate and influence the sound and images on the screen. 

Oscillare; An Interactive Dawn manages to really bring together all the elements involved: movement, sound and visuals. Unlike many other interactive performances I have seen, the connection and interaction between these elements is clearly visible, and although some of the sounds have a basic character - especially in the middle of the movie - it is not becoming predictable. 

The pillars on both sides of the screen create the impression of some sort of ritual ceremony. We are in a temple where static technology meets the moving human body. The sounds are monstrous at times, and the percussive elements enhance the feeling of being part of a ritual, as the dancer starts a conversation with sound and light.   

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