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Sound Waves and their Sources

For six years now I have been teaching a beginner’s lesson with as main question “what is sound?”. It covers the vibration of air molecules, amplitude, pitch, timbre, overtones, all the things you have to know before you want to start working with sound on a more serious level.

It is fun to see how many decades ago the same lesson was thought in this video. The video covers exactly the same topics, be it in a compressed format, while it takes me and hour and a half to tell the whole story. This will be a fun addition to my words.

Although the YouTube title says the video was created in 1933, I assume that should be 1950, looking at the Roman number MCML - correct me if I am wrong. Looking at the video and the animations used, that seems like a more plausible date. And to eager students visiting my blog: this is what we will be talking about! 

Found on Nick Seaver’s Noise For Airports

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